TESTIMONIAL: Jason Schmidtgall

“On Dec 10th, 2014, Waubonsie Valley High School had our kick off to a series we are calling ‘Way of the Warrior’. For this event, we were able to schedule Mr. Coon to come speak. We couldn’t be more happy. We communicated to him our hope for the series and he took his message of ‘positivity + adversity’ and encouraged our students to become a force that positively impacts the world. Our students were in awe with his entire message and felt extreme gratitude for his message and effort to inspire them to be the positive influence in all that they do!

Students were so grateful for his message, they lined up to shake his hand, thank him, and get a selfie. All of which, Bill Coon appeared thrilled to be a part of! He presented an amazing message!”

-Jason Schmidtgall

Assistant Principal, Waubonsie Valley High School

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