Thank you for your interest in my work and story. I have embedded three videos below. Each video features me speaking to high school students about creating a positive atmosphere in their school. Please use this footage to gain a better understanding of my speaking style, my message and my ability to influence a teenage audience. I did my best to leave the footage as raw as possible, however, I did slip in some images of slides so that you would understand what I was referencing throughout.

I truly look forward to discussing this with you further and to hopefully planning a presentation for your students either in the closing months of this school year or at the start of the next.

Thanks again,


This is the footage I was playing at my booth. In this clip, I ask students to think of two people whom they intentionally ignore on a daily basis.

I share a photo and story from my recovery to illustrate what it is like to have insecurities. I then humanize the experience by sharing how I felt when my confidence was low after surgery.

I discuss the power of kindness and how positivity will always overcome the negativity of bullies, including cyber bullies.


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