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About Bill Coon’s 2015 High School Tour:

In the fall of 2015 (10/15/15 – 11/15/15) Bill Coon will be performing up to 12 free speeches at high schools across the country. Each speech is 45 minutes in length (including an optional 15 minute Q&A session) and is free to the host school. Each student will be provided with a free digital copy of Bill Coon’s debut book, SWIM: A Memoir of Survival.


All speeches will occur throughout the continental United States and Canada.

The Speech:

Bill Coon uses his story of overcoming adversity to teach students how to create positive change in their school, combat cyber bullies and why accepting their peers for their differences is crucial in leaving behind a lasting, positive impression.

Topics Include:

  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Achieving Happiness
  • Defeating Cyber Bullies
  • The Power of Determination
  • The Essential Self-Esteem
  • Holding True to Your Dreams
  • Building Bridges Rather Than Burning Them

What’s the Catch?:

There is no catch. However, not every offer will be accepted. The final tour schedule will be determined largely based on geographical convenience to other host schools. (For example, if a school in Virginia is accepted, a school in North Carolina would have a much stronger chance of being accepted over a school in New Mexico). A final tour schedule will be determined in August 2015.

How is this Free?:

This entire tour is funded by Bill Coon. That means there are no corporate sponsors, no sales tricks or promotions. Bill is performing this tour solely so that he can hit the road and see friends and family while positively impacting the lives of students along the way.


Host Bill Coon this Fall:

Click here to request Bill.

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