FNSA Demo Reel

I would like to thank the Florida Nursing Students Association for taking the time to consider me for the upcoming 2016 FNSA Convention. I truly look forward to speaking with a member of your association regarding my experience and extreme interest in serving as your keynote speaker.

For your convention, my goal would be to utilize stories from my 70-day stay in the Intensive Care Unit of a Chicago hospital to present teachable moments. These would be moments where a nurse did something small (something that cannot be taught in a textbook) that allowed me to keep fighting and make it to the start of my new life. Ultimately, I would motivate the students by putting a face on the patients they read about. In doing so, I would encourage them to understand that all of their efforts and exhausting clinical hours will inevitably prepare them for the day that they, too, make a lasting impression on a patient’s life.

Below you will find a video of a story I will likely share, for it involves a student nurse named Irene.

I have also included several videos that demonstrate my experience, platform and presentation style.

Thank you for your time.



I discuss how nurses play a fundamental role in keeping a patient’s spirit alive through the smallest of gestures.

Speech before a large crowd of organ donation advocates prior to a fundraiser.

I discuss kindness to over 500 high school students.

Compilation of footage from my 34-stop tour.

Presented to a packed auditorium of parents who have children with birth defects.

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