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Synopsis: A moment of temptation emerges when a man and woman reminisce about a love they once shared.

Excerpt: He glanced at his watch. “It’s getting late,” he suggested. She agreed and he tossed a ten-dollar bill on the table while he waited for her to fasten her winter coat.

He held the door for her. She thanked him. The door chimed behind them while the frigid air pained his uncovered skin. The two trudged on side-by-side into the chilling darkness of the night.

The city seemed quieter now in contrast to the music. He could hear her every movement, her every breath and sniffle. He recalled lying in bed with her late into the afternoon. She would smile at him for hours. He would jokingly pinch her nose. She would laugh, as the sun would sneak into the room through the blinds just so it could glisten off her smile. They were happy then, many seasons ago.

Snow began to fall as though a skyscraper had torn a hole in the heav­ens. A single flake landed on a small patch of freckles at the peak of her dimple’s crescent. He said nothing. Instead he watched it melt where he used to press his lips. They turned their attention to the remaining road as they continued their verbal slow dance.

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